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About BMS

Until 1986, it was business as usual in the heavy-duty truck brake shoe repair industry. The working conditions were brutally hot or bitterly cold, dirty and plagued by high labor turnover. The machinery itself was inefficient, antiquated and unreliable – breaking down constantly and bringing production to a screeching halt. Back then, a moderately busy shop might turn out 25-50 rebuilt shoes per day; a very busy shop rebuilt 75 shoes per day.

The time was right for John Nugier.

Nugier, educated as an accountant and raised in a machinery-manufacturing environment, had just finished developing and installing 150 sets of machines to make and repair truck driveshafts for what was then Rockwell International, now Arvin Meritor.

Nugier’s heavy-duty driveshaft machinery worked so well that several brake shoe shop owners approached Nugier for help. Based on his experience, Nugier believed conditions in brake shoe shops could be dramatically improved – and he set out to prove it.

Nugier’s vision became BMS, Brake Machinery Sales Inc.

Today, BMS machines are the accepted standard for heavy-duty truck brake shoe rebuilding. Innovations from BMS have enabled truck brake shoe shops to produce product faster, cleaner, more safely, and of far better quality than previously available. Our machines have increased the labor output from 20 shoes per person per day to 120 shoes per person per day (in a well-run shop), while improving quality and appearance. An additional benefit is the elimination of hazardous waste issues and ensuring a safer working environment for employees.

BMS consistently delivers top-quality machinery, rivets, paint, and machine parts, which translates into higher long-term profits for you and your customers.

Here at BMS, consistent quality is a big part of who we are and what we do. Providing outstanding customer service is another very high priority for our staff and ownership.

BMS equipment requires very little maintenance to keep it tuned up and in top running condition. Whether we train your crew to do maintenance or you use BMS staff, we want to make sure your BMS machinery is performing at optimum efficiency levels. To suit your needs, we have a variety of maintenance servicing programs, including training on efficiency, productivity, product quality, cost control, and inventory management.

As a bonus, we’ll send you free parts books and industry updates, to keep you informed on the latest innovations and upgrades.

At BMS, we are committed to providing the highest quality truck brake shoe equipment and supplies in the industry – whether that’s through a single component or an entire system. Call us. We’ll be ready.

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