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BMS Paint

BMS SurCoat 250™ Paint is a water-based, semi-gloss enamel specially formulated for truck brake shoe rebuilders. Truck brake shoe paint is the only paint we work with, so we put it to the test – again and again and again.

With paint, details matter. Here at BMS, we zeroed in on those details right from the start. We can tell you precisely how many painted shoes you’ll get per gallon of paint used (it’s 250). We quickly discovered that cheaper brands contain more water, and that a higher water content lowers rust-resistance, causing inconsistent coverage. Therefore, we lowered the water content in our formulation. Our paint goes on smoother and resists rust longer. We’ve done the research on formulation, drying time, rust prevention and consistency because we want to provide our brake shoe customers with only the highest quality paint... and we’ve succeeded. After 15 years, our paint still remains the industry standard, producing consistent color, streak-free coverage and superior protection against rust. It comes in four colors: Orange, Black, Montreal Gray and Great Dane Blue.

There's quality paint in each and every bucket, for a quality finish on your rebuilt brake shoes each and every time.

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BMS paint

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MSDS Sheet

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