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BMS Shot Blaster Machines

BMS Blasters are dramatically more efficient than other methods for several reasons:

First, our blasters eliminate operator waiting time by allowing operators to unload and reload in the front of the machine while cleaning occurs in the back of the machine. When the cleaning cycle is complete, the drum rotates 180 degrees in 3 seconds and the machine goes right back to work. The operator can then go to another machine.

Second, we’ve added an adjustable timer, which lets you determine how clean you want the brake shoes. And, because the brake shoes are positioned directly in front of the blast wheels, our machines provide a much better and more concentrated cleaning between the webs of the brake shoe compared with that of batch blasters.

Third, the drum, baskets and blast cabinet interior are made of 1/2” manganese to ensure longevity and solid rebound of steel shot balls.

Fourth, our bump guard mechanism protects your operator from inadvertently getting his arm caught between the rotating drum and the stationary machine frame.

Fifth, our dust collector filters eliminate fine dust particles from the steel shot stream, which in turn enhances paint adherence and eliminates air-quality citations from OSHA. Two models are available – single shoe blasters that clean 400 shoes per 7-hour shift, and double blasters that clean 800 shoes per 7-hour shift.

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