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BMS Deriveting Machines

Choice One — 1 Hole Deriveter

BMS 1 Hole Deriveting machines work well to deline 200 low volume shoes in large rebuilding shops, or all delining in smaller shops.

These hydraulic machines are fast, and remove the rivet and cutoff rings so riveting operators don't have to worry about parts of the rivets being left in the rebuilt brake shoes.

Choice Two — 2/4 Manual Deriveter

BMS 2/4 Deriveters are about twice as fast as stripping/chopping machines, and allow the average operator to deline 500 shoes per shift, assuming a 7-hour workday.

Three sets of cartridges come standard with this machine (for 4515, 1308, 4707, 4311, 4709), and tool changeovers from one cartridge to the other take about 5 minutes.

The BMS 2/4 Deriveter removes the rivets and rings without leaving any rivet rings in the holes, which damages new lining during the riveting process. Not breaking the old lining means that disposal is more convenient and efficient. Dust particles remain contained, creating a cleaner, safer working environment.

To ensure optimum performance, every machine we sell includes factory setup and training. This eases the transition from old machinery and enables a smooth start-up for your workforce on new BMS machines.

Choice Three — 2/4 Automatic Deriveter

The BMS Auto Deriveter doubles productivity while requiring less effort. It can be used on a wide variety of brake shoes. Our BMS Auto Deriveter also reduces the damage of brake shoes that can be caused by operator mis-punched holes on the BMS 2/4 deriveter.

BMS automatic deriveters are similar to our 2/4 manual deriveter machines, with differences occurring only in areas necessary for automation. This machine enables the average operator to deline 900 shoes per shift, assuming a 7-hour workday. Automation provides increased production, as one operator can wash, derivet, blast and paint approximately 400-500 shoes per shift. Prior to our technology, productivity at this level was unreachable.

This machine offers all the same features as our 2/4 manual deriveter and also allows fewer mis-punched holes, quicker cartridge changeovers, complete rivet and ring removal, and no broken lining. Setup and training at your location is always included in the purchase price, so your labor can transition from the old machines to newer BMS machines easily and with increased productivity.

Regardless of which model you choose, your BMS deriveter will quickly pay for itself through increased productivity, fewer damaged shoes and cleaner working conditions.

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