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BMS Rivets

BMS GripRite™ rivets are the best in the industry and the backbone of your supplies. Our staff has spent thousands of hours studying rivet design and testing rivets to provide the most secure and most reliable fastening solution for the truck brake industry.

BMS recently had a breakthrough in developing a superior rivet configuration. We began by focusing on stress resistance in relation to rivet performance, with the ultimate goal being to create collapse-free rivets with good torque performance. We determined that rounding the rivet bottom adds material in that area, virtually eliminating rivet tearing upon installation (diagram A). We further found that inserting serrations under the head increases torque performance.

Other advantages of this design soon became apparent: the elimination of rivet sidewall collapse during installation (diagram B); the elimination of tearing and bulging of the sidewall at the base of the rivet hole; and a more consistent and reliable attachment of a brake lining to a brake shoe during the manufacturing process.

After extensive testing, BMS has a patent (U.S. Patent No. 6, 622,911) on this superior design.

BMS produces the most widely used heavy-duty truck brake shoe rivet in North America. To remain stringent in our search for quality, our rivets are checked on 13 separate quality measures to ensure they meet BMS's strict specifications before being packaged for shipment. Our quality checks include:

Metallurgy: To ensure consistency, BMS purchases all of our wire from the same batch of steel and always in large quantities known as heats (which equates to 350,000 pounds, or ten truckloads).

Lubrication: Most rivets are lubricated with animal fat, which can break down significantly after just 90 days. We use a synthetic lubricant, which lasts indefinitely and removes shelf-life limitations.

No Debris: BMS 10-8.5 rivets are free of all foreign debris and contamination.

Head Stamp: To ensure that you can always identify your product, BMS provides your custom head marking at no extra charge.

Low Volume: We carry almost all sizes of low-volume rivets. We’ll be happy to stock whatever your rivet needs require.

Inventory: We stock 30 to 90 days supply of your custom head stamped rivets at all times.

Delivery: “Same-day shipping” from our warehouses in Tennessee, Utah, Ohio and Canada.


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